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Most Popular Online Mattress Brands (Coupon Code Inside)

At the end of the day what matters the most is a quality SLEEP; a good night sleep is essential for you to have a healthy and buoyant living. According to a recent survey, Nine in Ten respondents have mentioned that mattress plays a crucial role in a good night’s rest.

Matters make an impact and can affect your sleep in both positive and negative ways. Finding the right mattress can help you give the perfect rest involves you giving you both right kind of support along with the right comfort level.

Most Popular Online Mattress Brands (Coupon Code Inside)

Several facets can cause back pain and the way you sleep, however, a good mattress can make a massive positive difference. Buying a mattress without conducting substantial research can lead to proper sleepless nights and mornings that are filled with pain if the bed you select does not have a support base.

Here we’ve put together the importance of a good mattress and benefits it does to your body.

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Importance of a Good Mattress and its benefits:

A right mattress can improve your quality of sleep quite significantly. A good mattress can assist in having a better rest, which can stop you from waking up again and again in the night. A better or a quality sleep you get can help you in keeping your body functioning throughout the day.

Better sleep can help you reduce the stress levels as well. A right mattress can fascinate when it comes to reducing pain and back discomfort.

A soft and fuzzy mattress can cause some amount of pain; a good mattress supports your body adequately. However, a soft and fuzzy one may feel good may feel good to you while you are in a store laying on it, these beds don’t provide support; fail to ease your pain for long-term periods.

Here are the five most popular online mattress brands that offer you a great quality of beds; provided you also get mattress coupons and avail them at a cheaper cost.


Layla is first up on our list of the best and most popular mattress brands available online. Layla Mattress is built on a copper foundation, as it considers it to be the most conductive metals known to a man.

The copper cells that are fused into the mattress come together as a thermal superhighway that absorbs the heat of the body and carries it away; ensuring your body stays cool.

Layla gives out a 120-night trial, along with free shipping and returns. The mattresses at Layla are manufactured in the USA.


GhostBed mattresses are manufactured by experienced mattresses professionals who are into designing and crafting mattresses for decades. The design and construction of mattresses are so unique that itself shows you the years of experience.

The exterior cover of the bed is a combination of some fine fabrics, which will keep your body throughout the night and sucking in all the heat and moisture. GhostBed gets you some safe sleep, as the mattresses are CertiPUR-US certified, meaning they are made without metals like mercury, lead and other such heavy metals.

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Kloudes is another online brand for mattresses that you’d love to purchase your bed from.  The beds are super comfy and ensuring that you get the best sleep for many nights and painless mornings.

Just like Layla, Kloudes also gives you a 100 Night Trial to have a go at their mattress. The mattress is designed with channel stitched funnel that is fused with their own patent-pending Micro Kloudes.

Kloudes mattress


Spoon has a different foam from every other foam mattresses that you get to buy online. The Livesmart technology on the mattress is a spill-resistant cover that protects your sleep, no matter what you spill, a glass of wine or a cup of coffee.

The CertiPUR-US certified foam ensures maximum airflow for you to stay cool. The foam layers meet standards for emissions and durability. Spoon mattresses offer you with a 100 Risk-free Night Trial so that you can take some time for your decisions.

Divan Base Direct

Divan Base Direct is a UK based online brand with over ten years of experience in the bed industry. This platform is filled with a plethora of positive reviews and some affordable prices to help you find the best mattress on their site.

The mattresses they have are tried, tested and hand-picked from some of the best UK mattress manufacturers. They offer so much for everyone, such that you can be assured you’re purchasing the best quality of mattress for the best price.

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Sleep is very much important; helps in creating memories; assists in restoring bodies and reinvigorating the tissues. A quality sleep on a consistent basis can keep you on top of everyday life.

Take care of your mattress regularly, ensure that you let it air for the first few hours; thereby removing all the annoying storage smell of damp and cold. Cover the mattress with a protector to keep your mattress clean, thereby extending the life of the mattress.

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